Community leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and groups of parents are all people who might consider starting a private or alternative school in order to provide opportunities for families. More than 27,000 private schools already operate in the United States, but there is plenty of room and need for more schools, as well as more variety.

Fortunately, there is a fair amount of help and support available from experienced people. Here are some links to get you started on your venture in private education and please contact us to support you.

The Alternative Education Resource Organization
Resources and workshops for starting alternative schools and education options. Listserve features experienced mentors.

BJU Press – Starting a Christian School
BJU Press gives advice and links to resources for starting a Christian school. They also have information on starting a DVD school.

Grace Works Ministries – How to Start a Christian School – Start Healthy
Grace Works Ministries offers advice, some practical guidelines, and a free 45-minute consultation.

Independent School Formation Group (ISPG)
Experienced independent school operations and management consultants. Conferences, “webinars,” consultation.

Private School Start-up Help: Start a School
Halladay Education Group offers a free 30-minute consultation.

The Morning Star Academy: K-12 On-line Christian Private School Affiliate Program
Churches, businesses, home school groups and others can join this affiliate program and earn “commissions” on tuition. A great way to put those commissions to work would be to offer rebates or discounts to families or scholarships for the needy.  Morning Star Academy offers a variety of affiliate programs to choose from.

How to Start a School of Tomorrow
One of the easiest, least costly ways to start a private Christian school.

“The mission of PAIDEIA, Inc. is to offer comprehensive counsel to schools, colleges, seminaries, churches, and other institutions in the public interest on corporate structure and governance, administrative services and curriculum/programs, financial development and advancement, and institutional planning, working together to make possible the excellence toward which each institution aspires.”

CAPE – Council for American Private Education
Advocate for American private education. Coalition of national organizations and state affiliates serving private elementary and secondary schools.

New Hampshire Department of Education – Nonpublic Approval