CSF Awards K-12 Scholarships to 122 NH Children for 2016-17

This month, 122 New Hampshire children will begin the new school year at private schools, out-of-district public schools, and homeschools using Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) scholarships. Donations to CSF for scholarships are eligible for a New Hampshire Education Tax Credit. This school year’s cohort of scholarship recipients is the largest to date for CSF in New Hampshire, up from 91 in 2015-16.

“We are extremely encouraged by the strong support from New Hampshire businesses and individuals for scholarships this year,” said CSF Executive Director Kate Baker. “An investment in education for low and middle-income children is an investment in the future of our state.”

A total of 93 CSF Scholars, ranging from Kindergarteners to twelfth-graders, will attend 32 schools statewide, and another 29 CSF Scholars will use their scholarships for homeschool expenses. This year, the average CSF scholarship in New Hampshire will be $2,287 and the average homeschool award will be $309. Depending on a family’s size and income, their scholarship is worth 25, 50, or 75 percent of their tuition, and families are responsible for paying the balance of their tuition. Scholarships are awarded to students based on highest financial need, funds raised, and the metrics in the Education Tax Credit law. CSF families have an average annual income of $36,236. To be eligible, a family’s income cannot exceed 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

CSF New Hampshire By the Numbers, 2016-17
Number of scholarship applicants 692
Number of CSF scholarships awarded 122
                            School scholarships 93
                            Homeschool scholarships 29
Average CSF school scholarship amount $2,287
Average CSF homeschool scholarship amount $309
Average CSF family annual income $36,236
Total CSF scholarship investment, 2016-17 $221,694


Scholarship results: According to a recent survey of CSF families in New Hampshire, 82 percent agree or strongly agree their child has experienced a measurable improvement in academic achievement since using the scholarship, and 93 percent of parents reported they agree or strongly agree they are satisfied with the school their child attends.

For example, this past year, the Cyr family used a CSF scholarship to transition their 10-year-old son to a private school they believe best meets his needs. After their son completed fourth grade at his new school, the Cyrs wrote, “He has been stimulated scholastically, has developed self-confidence, and has built positive peer relationships. Your scholarship made another chapter of growth possible in the life of this precious, bright young boy. We are so thankful for your generosity and the investment you made.”

In addition, research on CSF partner programs and other scholarship programs shows that low-income children who attend tuition-based elementary schools are much more likely to graduate from high school and go on to enroll in college. (Studies are available on the national CSF website, www.scholarshipfund.org/research.)

How CSF scholarships are funded: CSF is a 501(c)(3) organization, and its scholarships are funded by grants from Individuals, foundations, and corporations. In New Hampshire, businesses donating to CSF to fund scholarships can receive an 85 percent Education Tax Credit from the State of New Hampshire against business profits tax (BPT) and/or business enterprise tax (BET), as well as a federal tax deduction, for a total of about a 90 percent tax benefit. In 2016, New Hampshire businesses donated a total of $221,694 to CSF for scholarships, compared with almost $125,000 raised in 2015.

About Children’s Scholarship Fund: CSF is a national organization with a network of partner programs, each providing scholarships that empower parents to choose schools they otherwise could not afford. Since its inception in 1998, CSF has awarded more than $654 million in scholarships to the families of 152,000 low-income children. Since January, 2016, CSF has managed scholarships in New Hampshire funded by donations made through the state’s Education Tax Credit program.

To learn more about the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit and Children’s Scholarship Fund in New Hampshire, contact Kate Baker at (603) 785-0174 or kbaker@scholarshipfund.org or visit www.csfnewhampshire.org.


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