Education Tax Credit: What You Should Know

As business leaders, you make tough decisions every day. From strategic planning and staffing to competition and the challenging regulatory environment, your business success is measured in large part by your ability to choose the right path forward.

Imagine not being able to choose that right path. Imagine the frustration of knowing what you need to do, but not being able to do it. When we looked beyond our business for help, we found the SBA, a financial advisor, a business mentor – someone who made the difference for us. Now imagine being that person, being the one bridging the gap between success and failure.

Thanks to New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit program, you can be that lifeline to parents trying to make the right educational decisions for their children. In helping these parents do what’s right, you’re also helping to build the next-generation Granite State workforce: an educated, motivated group of young men and women who will owe their success in no small part to your vision and generosity.


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