How Have NH Education Tax Credits Improved Education for Children?

NEO conducted a survey of families who have been helped with scholarships and we know you’ll be interested in the results.

How have New Hampshire Education Tax Credits improved education for children?

Parents speak:

“No more exposure to bullying, drugs or arrests in school… amazing difference in my daughter – her attitude about school has really changed… very stimulating environment at my daughter’s new school… the school is able to give the individualized, accelerated instruction my son needs… the new school has reversed the decline in my son’s grades and attitude… my son loves his new school and is learning so much – no more teaching to the test and showing movies all the time…  my son’s online courses have much higher expectations of him and we have much better communication with instructors… since attending his new school, my son’s confidence has soared and he takes responsibility for himself and his work and feels like a vital part of the community… my daughter has been able to pursue her talent for languages with advanced classes in Spanish and Mandarin… we were able to buy a curriculum to meet our daughter’s needs… so much less stress… LOVE IT!”

Children speak: 

“I get individual attention… I don’t have to fit on a conveyor belt anymore – I can think for myself… I love my teachers – I learned how to knit… no more bullying, no teachers yelling at me… I don’t have to sit down all the time – I can learn outside… I’m more challenged… no more worksheets… my teachers care about me and take time to make sure I’m learning.”

And more from Parents:

“Our son simply did not fit into our local public school’s method for teaching and learning. He struggled constantly. Worse, he said he hated school. Our financial situation limited our choices. We found a school we thought would be good and as close to our ability to pay as possible. The scholarship from NEO enabled us to make the commitment. We are pleased to say that our son is feeling much more confident and positive about learning. We are grateful for the financial support from NEO, and are certain that its efforts are making a positive impact for many other families here in New Hampshire.”

“My bright, loving, empathetic, intelligent daughter was spending three hours a day in the guidance office at school because of trouble with her school work and with other students bullying her. At one point, a school resource officer told my daughter I could use corporal punishment to force her to attend school and that I could be sent to jail if she wouldn’t go. That’s when I decided to homeschool. A scholarship from NEO helped me buy the curriculum I needed to teach my daughter and my younger son. I am so very grateful for this opportunity. Our home life has become peaceful and satisfying, and my children are able to pursue their education. NEO has allowed me and my children to follow the path that is right for us. Thank you so much!”

“When I first learned about Waldorf Education, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! I desired for my daughter Lilly the rhythm and peace of the school. The school environment is soothing and rich with opportunities and helps her overcome her anxiety. When I was expecting Lilly, the doctor wanted to deliver her early. I told her out loud, while she was still in the womb, that she could come into this world when she was ready. Waldorf education speaks to that mentality – it meets Lilly where she is and doesn’t try to push her into a mold. The love and generosity of the school leaves me speechless! A NEO scholarship made it possible for Lilly to attend this school.”

“It broke my heart when my wonderful, smart daughter started dreading school in only the fourth grade because she was being bullied. By sixth grade, I knew I had to do something. I simply could not send her to the local middle school where the situation would only get worse. I homeschooled one year, then I learned about a new private middle school – Beech Hill School! My daughter thrived at this school and graduated with NEO’s help. The school challenged her academically and she flourished socially. As a low-income family, our choices are limited. NEO’s scholarships are so important! They allow families like mine the freedom to help their children excel in safe and nurturing environments.”


How much are the scholarships helping financially?

72.2% of parents said they would not have been able to use schools of their choice without the help of their NEO scholarships.  The remainder felt they may or would have been able to figure out a way to manage. Some of these people are homeschooling and would be able to stick with their choice even if they were unable to afford the materials they felt were best for their children. 91.7% of parents say they are happier with the schools they have chosen for their children than they were with their previous schools and 80.5% of parents have seen an improvement in their children’s academic achievement in their new schools.

How do parents use scholarship funds?

Private school tuition: 63.9%… Homeschool curriculum: 25%… Also: tutoring, educational software and hardware, textbooks, online classes, and testing.

How did parents find out about the scholarships?

41.7% found out through NEO – our outreach programs within the community, our Facebook page, and other ways we reach people. 22.2% learned about us from a private school staff member. 11.1% discovered us through newspaper articles. 8.3% learned about scholarships from a family member or friend, 5.6% from another non-profit organization, and 2.8% from something they heard on the radio. 83.4% of parents found applying for the scholarship easy; none found it difficult. We have worked to keep the process from being tedious or overwhelming.

How much are families paying out of their own pockets?

Our survey showed that the average family spent $2075 of their own money on their children’s education this school year. The amount spent is generally higher for those who used private schools than for those who chose home schooling. The average NEO scholarship is just enough to take dozens of families from can’t to CAN.

We already have more then 500 hopeful children that have applied for scholarships with NEO for the coming school year!

Until all children have access to a quality education we will work to provide k-12 scholarships to families in need so they can choose the K-12 school or homeschool that best meets their children needs.

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