NEO Families Tout Superb Learning Outcomes That Scholarship Aid Provides

NEO Progress Update – Fall 2013 Lays Out Stark Difference Nonprofit Makes for Students

Concord, NH – The Network For Educational Opportunity (NEO), the Granite State’s only approved scholarship organization fully operating in compliance with the 2012 Education Tax Credit Law, released its NEO Progress Update – Fall 2013.  The update has been published at and shared with NEO’s network of scholarship families, contributor businesses, and other stakeholders.

Just yesterday, NEO published a roundup of data it filed with the state Department of Revenue Administration (DRA), information found on DRA’s Form ED-05.  Through its publication of the NEO Progress Update – Fall 2013, NEO is now focusing on the often-overlooked qualitative impact of its work whereas in the ED-05 filing, numeric data on compliance and program interest were a focus.

The NEO Progress Update – Fall 2013 contains scholarship families’ effusive praise for the meaningful work NEO is doing to help financially needy families build a bridge from educational settings where students are struggling, to ones where they are thriving.  Here is a partial list of information from family members found in the document:

I am very satisfied and so filled with gratitude that my daughter can attend the school that I feel meets her needs in the best way for her to develop and meet her full potential. It is a very well rounded program, strong academically with a very extensive exposure to literature, math and science, but also rich in the arts, producing very confident, talented and responsible young people with a love of learning and a desire to make a positive difference in the world.

I feel like the private school saved my daughter. After being bullied and harassed so severely in public school I made the choice to mover her, no matter the sacrifices I had to make to afford it. She is accepted, loved, and thriving at her new school.

This school is incredible. My daughter has already shown improvement in confidence and is becoming more outgoing. She is participating more in classes as they are small. Her teachers are all connected to her in many ways as advisors or coaches. She feels part of a community at this school. She is taking courses like Mandarin and getting an A. This would not have been possible in the public school option. I am extremely happy and grateful that my daughter is at this school. I have cried more than once as I watch her reach new highs.

My son is immersed in a challenging and rigorous academic program. He is thriving and very happy in his new school.

Our school has always tried very hard to make it possible for my daughter to attend, but with a modest income and growing basic family expenses (such as housing, heating, transportation and fuel costs) continuing at a private school has been increasing difficult and stressful. I am grateful that in combination with the Network for Educational Opportunity, we somehow have managed to enroll my daughter for this year’s school term, which would have been impossible without the help of our school and that of the additional funding from the Network.

This school has been a lifesaver for my child. She is noticeably different and improved both socially and academically. Public school did not work for her. This school has been a miracle for our family.

The Community School is a wonderful alternative to the public middle school [that our son] attended in the past. I feel TCS is home schooling for those who are not able to provide it for their family. They offer a unique environment that celebrates the student’s individuality.

We are extremely satisfied with the private school he is attending. It is a dream come true for us to be able to have him there at this time in his life.

I am extremely satisfied with his current school, he comes home and excitedly shares what he is learning.

In late September, in a column authored by NEO Executive Director Kate Baker, readers of the Nashua Telegraph got a preview of the gratitude scholarship families relay in the NEO Progress Update – 2013.

“It’s a privilege to connect families seeking improved educational settings and outcomes with the scarce resources to make that goal a reality.  Hearing directly from families on how that’s changing one student at a time—thanks to the education tax credit law—reinforces how rewarding our work is,” said Ms. Baker.

Members of the media are encouraged to peruse the six-page colorful report featuring student profiles, parent testimonials, donor lists, photographs, and the like by clicking here.  For inquiries such as quote attributions, family information, and interviews with NEO, please contact Kate Baker at

For general information on NEO, please visit

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