NEO Lays Out Stark Difference Nonprofit Makes for Students

Concord, NH – Just yesterday, NEO published a roundup of data it filed with the state Department of Revenue Administration (DRA), information submitted on DRA’s Form ED-05. In addition to this publication, NEO is now focusing on the often overlooked qualitative impact of its work to complement the numeric data required by the state.

This progress update contains scholarship families’ effusive praise for the meaningful work NEO is doing to help financially needy families build a bridge from educational settings where students are struggling to ones where they are thriving. Here is a partial collection of things families have told us about the help we’ve been able to provide.

“The school my daughter attends now is much more fitting to her academic strength and far more acceptable socially. It’s a family environment with loads of support in every aspect.”

“The school my child attends now is great! She is excelling academically and is feeling safe. No more bullying. I am very blessed that you have granted my daughter this scholarship. She loves this school and it allows her to stay somewhere positive and learn in a safe environment.”

“With the help of this scholarship program we were able to have a more manageable tuition payment so that our son was able to go to this school. We thank you for this opportunity.”

“Our family is both helped and encouraged by the investment in our homeschooled student. Just a small scholarship has made schooling easier here. Needless to say, we are much more satisfied!”

“My child is doing the best academically that she has ever done. We have also seen social improvement since attending her new school.”

“I’m greatly satisfied. In fact, this school has exceeded my expectations in efforts to help students adjust, spectrum of courses offered, and excellence of education.”

“I feel like the private school saved my daughter. After being bullied and harassed so severely in public school I made the choice to move her, no matter the sacrifices I had to make to afford it. She is accepted, loved, and thriving at her new school.”

“My daughter was having trouble in class at public school . The teachers were labeling her and testing her for disabilities. It was frustrating as they did not involve me in the process. The teacher at the private school works with each child as they are without labeling or testing. The teacher communicates with me and understands no two people are alike. I am very happy with my daughter’s progress!”

“It’s a privilege to connect families seeking improved educational settings and outcomes with scarce resources to make that goal a reality.  Hearing directly from families on how that’s changing one student at a time—thanks to the education tax credit law—reinforces how rewarding our work is.” – Kate Baker, Executive Director, Network for Educational Opportunity

For inquiries, including quote attributions, family information, and interviews with NEO, please contact Kate Baker at 603-785-0174.

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