This Little Girl is Where She Belongs

Lilly is a fifth grader at the Monadnock Waldorf School, thanks to you and a NEO scholarship. We received a beautiful letter from her mother, Heather, this week.

Life has not been easy for Lilly. Due to family problems outside her mother’s control, her life has been unpredictable and distressing. The one almost-constant for her has been her Waldorf school, but her mother has not been able to afford to send her every year.

Heather writes:

“When I first learned about Waldorf Education, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! I immediately fell in love! I desire for Lilly to achieve the rhythm and peace that she has never experienced in her household environment growing up by attending the Monadnock Waldorf School.The school environment is soothing and helps Lilly overcome her anxiety. There are rarely opportunities in life as abundant and rich as Waldorf Education.

When I was expecting Lilly, the doctor wanted to deliver her early. I told her out loud, while she was still in the womb, that she could come into this world when she was ready. Waldorf education speaks to that mentality – it meets Lilly where she is and doesn’t try to push her into a mold.”

Heather has had trouble finding work for the past few years and didn’t know how she would manage to keep Lilly in a school that nurtured and challenged her at the same time. Fortunately, the little family qualified for a scholarship and we were thrilled to award it! Heather wrote of her daughter’s school, “The love and generosity of the school leaves me speechless!

The love and generosity of our supporters leaves us speechless! Lilly is just one of many children attending schools their parents have carefully chosen for them because people like you care about how children are educated.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Heather, Lilly, and the more than one hundred other NEO scholarship children thank you, too.

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