Welcome to Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire: Advancing education freedom on behalf of Granite State families.

As a NH scholarship organization, and the sole administrator of the state’s broad-based Education Freedom Account program, CSF NH provides a platform from which thousands of parents of K-12 students can customize the learning experiences that best fit their children’s needs. Through CSF NH, families direct private and state education dollars, and choose from a list of 700 education providers and growing.

Businesses and individuals donating to Children’s Scholarship Fund to fund scholarships for low- and middle-income K-12 children in New Hampshire can receive an 85% Education Tax Credit (ETC) from the State of New Hampshire against business profits tax (BPT), business enterprise tax (BET), and interest and dividends tax (I&D).


New Hampshire students using Education Freedom Accounts as of Sept. 2023.


New Hampshire students using Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarships during the 2023-24 school year.


Distributed by CSF New Hampshire in ETC scholarships since the 2016-17 school year, allowing thousands of NH students to attend the schools that best meet their needs.

CSF has been authorized by the State of New Hampshire to administer the Education Freedom Account (EFA) program for the 2023-24 school year.