New Hampshire Court Unanimous Ruling Today… NH Families Win!

To date, the Network for Educational Opportunity has had more than 1,500 scholarship applicants – bright, young, talented students, many trapped by their zip code in settings that are failing to meet their individual learning needs.

We are thrilled that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled unanimously today that empowering parents to make educational decisions for their children does not violate any provision of our state constitution.

We are delighted that for the 2015-2016 school year we will not be forced to discriminate against any applicant families based on their beliefs. Our 2015-2016 scholarship application will be available online January 1, 2015!

Every child deserves a quality education no matter where in New Hampshire he or she lives, what he looks like, what beliefs she holds, or what language their family speaks inside the home. Quality takes many forms and our communication with families seeking financial assistance tells us better educational settings and outcomes are there, but unfortunately, they are out of reach for many students. Our first two years in operation have revealed that a solution is found at the intersection of businesses’ generosity toward the communities they serve, and their commonsense interest in driving down costs.

The NEO scholarship model created by the state’s education tax credit law proves that businesses and individuals can take the lead in helping children get the education they need.

It’s our privilege to connect families seeking improved educational settings and outcomes with the scarce resources to make that goal a reality.

To all those who have helped with this battle for freedom and who support the right of parents to choose the best for their children — thank you! And congratulations! It was worth the fight — now on to the business of creating opportunity!

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